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Please use our online scheduling system here for alterations, and here for custom clothing.

Absolutely yes! We allow up to one guest for any alterations or custom clothing appointments with our team.

We do accommodate walk in’s when we can based on our availability, but we're not always available and highly prefer and recommend that you book an appointment in advance to ensure a fitter is available to help you.

Appointments are important for us to ensure that you are not waiting in line to be fit, this is actually one of the key ways we are different from most tailor/alteration shops.  You’ll meet with a master fitter to walk through everything and answer any questions you have, without appointments we would likely see 45-minute waits during peak times.

Unfortunately, once a time is fully booked in our calendar, we’re unable to accept additional appointments. Our scheduling system is updated constantly and always reflects the current availability. You can always check back later, but unfortunately if you do not see a time you are looking for then it is currently unavailable.

When you schedule your appointment you will enter an email address that will be used to send a confirmation email to. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder first and reach out to us here if you still don't see anything.

Please click the link at the bottom of the confirmation email you received when you booked your fitting, as long as your appointment time isn’t already past you will be able to make any necessary edits, otherwise you’ll need to book a new time. You can also reply to your confirmation email for direct help, or reach out to us here.

Yes we can! We have a few requirements though:

1. We have appointment options for basic and advanced measurements available on our Alterations Appointment page.

2. We require that you have a printed copy of the complete instructions for how to take each measurement, or a video, and have read through or watched and understand each step prior to arriving for your appointment, unfortunately there are zero exceptions to this requirement.

You can schedule a measurement session here.


The timing of our standard speed and rush speed options can always be confirmed on our appointment booking page.

Yes we do! Whatever we agree to during the fitting, we stand by in full. Currently we are not offering try-on appointments unless you have a wedding dress, so we ask that you try on everything at home and do require that you contact us within 7-days of picking up your items if there are any issues at all.

There is no need to check to confirm when your alterations will be ready, the timing discussed during your fitting is always accurate and we'll proactively reach out to you should anything change on our end.

We currently do not work on costumes, fur, suede, leather, feathers, down coats, waxed canvas, underwear, bathing suits, or patching items.

Your fitter will confirm the date you can pickup your completed garments during your fitting, we're completely committed to being early 100% of the time so you will never need to worry.

We do all of our sewing work in the same space that we do our fittings, you can see it with your own eyes when you are in our shop.

No, but also yes.

We naturally steam/press areas that we work on, and we always keep your item/s on hangers when they are not being worked on to reduce wrinkles. We do not 'fully steam' standard alteration garments at any point in time though.

We find that most items start wrinkling while on a hanger, and especially in a garment bag, and frequently garments wrinkle while in transit to your home (especially any dress that fills up a garment bag).

Our recommendation is always to steam your garments as necessary when you arrive at your destination, and then do any other steaming immediately before you wear your garment/s so that they are not wrinkled while you are getting ready.

The short answer is yes!

We do offer a steaming service starting at $100 for gowns.  However there are some details to consider when opting for this service. 

We do our best to preserve the wrinkle-free state of the dress, but after it’s done drying, we must put it back in the garment bag for safe keeping.  Because of this, wrinkles are going to form in the fabric, especially in the train.  We do recommend storing your dress in the garment bag until the day of the wedding, meaning that when you unpack your dress it will need additional steaming to get it back to a wrinkle-free state. Because of this, we don't have a hard recomendation to have us, or anyone else, steam your dress; and instead recommend that you plan on steaming it immediately before wearing instead.

In an effort to have you picking up your dress at the expected level of the fewest wrinkles possible, we are only able to offer you to opt into the steaming service at the conclusion of your final pick up appointment.  Steaming will then be completed within 24 hours and you are required to pickup your gown by the end of the following day. If your gown is not picked up by the end of the following day we will need to store it in a way that will likely lead to some additional wrinkling.

Please note that we offer steaming services on garments that we have altered, and it is only possible to move forward with this at the conclusion of your final fitting. We're unable to schedule steaming for future dates and hold gowns until then.

Yes you can, however we may start working on your clothing immediately, so this is not always an option. We are able to issue Arthur + Lucca gift card credits of 85% of the total cost of the alterations and 100% of any rush fees paid and process this within 3 business days. We are not able to refund this credit back to a credit card or any other payment type. You will be able to use these gift cards for any products or services we offer both in-store and online.

Custom Clothing

We offer private label, V.B.C., Canclini, Lanificio, Marzoni, Carnet, and Reda fabrics. The vast majority of our fabrics are 100% wool 4-season fabrics, we have many blends and seasonal options as well.  Our fabrics rotate every 3-6 months depending on the style, materials, and other factors. Nearly all of our suiting fabrics are super 110-160’s, they are absolute quality; most are from Italian mills.

Yes, alterations are included in the cost of all of your initial garments as we confirm your fit (your initial order will be limited to one of each garment type). You will received 50% off the cost of any future alterations after you are 'fit confirmed' on all Arthur + Lucca custom clothing for the life of the garment.

Yes we do! Whatever we agree to during the fitting, we stand by in full! You'll also receive 50% off alterations for life on your custom clothing in case your body changes at all. If you do not recieve your custom clothing within 120-days you will recieve a full refund as well.

Body changes are normal and happen to everyone, we would love to help you adjust your garments and update your measurements in your fit profile, and you will received 50% off the cost of all alterations on all Arthur + Lucca custom clothing for the life of the garment.

We are not able to offer any rush production timelines, we'll always get your garments to you as fast as we can and early whenever possible.

Typically ~8 weeks for first time customer, or sooner, and 4-5 weeks for fit-confirmed customers. We guarantee everything within 90-days or your money back.

After your initial fitting where you are measured and design your garments, we expect to be ready to have you back in 3 weeks to confirm thew fit. Any alterations that are needed will be completed within 1 week from this second fitting.

Once you are fit confirmed we expect to get garments to you in around 4-5 weeks.

Currently we offer custom shirts, jackets, dress pants, and coats. All of these items should be dry cleaned, and some dress shirts may be able to be machine washed cold and hung to dry. You should expect for all garment to very slightly tighten after any wash or dry clean cycle.

We recommend a 90 day lead time for any special events, this gives everyone involved plenty of time to adjust in case anything whatsoever goes wrong, we don't like to tempt fate. 30 days should be plenty of time too, but unfortunately we cannot carry guarantees because of the nature of custom clothing.

No. We offer the best price we can, year-round, regardless of order size or personal details. We keep it simple.

We're not able to create any garments using fabrics that we do not stock.

Currently we're working with factories in East Asia that exclusively specialize in custom clothing, we've chosen the top factories in the world to ensure the best possible quality, materials, and pricing.

We do guarantee that we will achieve the correct garment and fit as agreed on during your initial fitting. Custom clothing can be a process however and once this process starts there is no way to cancel it for a refund. Because your custom garments will be made for your body and style/design we're unable to take returns on them because we would be unable to sell them to someone else.

We do gurantee that you will have your custom clothing within 90-days or will recieve a full refund.

More details can be found here.

Dry Cleaning

Yes! We offer dry-cleaning and dress preservation for bridal gowns only at this time.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Yes, we do require that all dresses are fully cleaned prior to being preserved.

Your dress will be full cleaned, then folded and placed over a bust inside a box with a clear window on the front. This window box will be sealed and placed inside another sealed box.


Our Chicago shop is located at 2016 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612. Our entire area is free street parking and we usually recommend taking any available spot you see within a block or two of our shop.


Sometimes discounts will be available on certain items or if you are given a code for a specific reason. Discount codes can be added to your order while checking out and will apply to the appropriate items in your cart. Only one discount code may be used at a time however, so no discounts may be stacked.


You will receive automated emails when you first place your order online, and additional emails when a tracking number is generated. Each of these emails will contain links to track your order and package in the future. If you have any trouble tracking your order please contact our team here.

We currently ship to the contiguous United States and Washington D.C. only.

We currently highly prefer to ship only using UPS, unfortunately this method of shipping does not allow for delivery to P.O. Boxes. Please always use an address that can accommodate delivery by UPS, and contact us in advance of your purchase if you have special circumstances that you need help arranging.

Taxes & Duties

Unfortunately we're not able to assist much with this and recommend that you look up your own country and local policies on this. We're unable to collect and manage any international taxes and duties and this responsibility will be yours as necessary upon receipt of your package.

Gift Cards

Yes, you can use your gift card online or in store and will have an opportunity to do this at check out regardless of where you are or what you are buying.

Please have the original purchaser of the gift card contact us here and we would be happy to help. We will require several transaction specific details and take this process seriously to prevent anyone's gift card information being stolen.