Custom Organic Floor Cushion

Design your own custom organic floor cushion

Custom cushions will typically ship in approximately 4-5 weeks

An organic floor cushion perfect for a kids reading nook or a cozy spot to lounge on the floor. Use as a single cushion or stack multiple cushions for even more comfort. 

  • 45% Organic Cotton + 55% Hemp cover, with 100% Organic Kapok filling
  • Made in Chicago at the Arthur + Lucca studio with imported materials
  • Spot clean by hand and air dry as needed, dry clean only if necessary, do not machine wash/dry.

Select the width and length below and pricing will be automatically generated based on the size.  

Your cushion will be given a channel count based on the following rules:

  • If the width is 19" or less, the cushion will have 1 channel
  • For widths from 20"- 29", the cushion will have 2 channels
  • For widths from 30" - 39", the cushion will have 3 channels
  • For or widths from 40" - 49", the cushion will have 4 channels
  • For or widths from 50" - 54", the cushion will have 5 channels

Tufts will be added to your cushion approximately every 8" of length, with slightly alternating patterns on odd-channel-number cushions.

Please note:

All cushions are stuffed with loose kapok which will stretch and compact during production, transit, and regularly during use.  We do not recommend a custom cushion to fit in to a fixed dimension space (i.e. a window seating area or built in bench) due to the fluidity of the cushion.

The measurements selected will represent the fabric dimensions of your unstuffed cushion, simply the empty shell.  Once stuffed, the cushion will fill up and the dimensions will shrink.  These dimensions will ebb and flow during the life of the cushion through use and fluffing.

As an example: A 37"x37" cushion will be approximately 35"x35" when freshly stuffed, and after regular use will be approximately 36"x36"+.


Cancelations and Returns:

Custom floor cushions are non-returnable and non-refundable once purchased regardless of circumstance, we are not able to cancel a custom cushion order once placed.  Please confirm you have entered accurate details prior to purchasing and contact us in advance with any questions.